June 14, 2006

An Amazing Tool to Help You Generate Traffic!

Recently, I've been using an amazing tool that, when used properly, will get you tons of traffic.  Here's the tool.

I've created a video to show you what the tool does.

Video link:  http://url123.com/5c86h

I've also created another video tutorial on how I use this tool to find hidden traffic sources and create microsites to capture that traffic.

The information is so powerful that I simply couldn't give that information away.  So I'm making people pay for it....a whopping $4.95.

That's right...$4.95.

So...ditch your next cup of coffee at Starbucks and buy this video.  It will be worth it.



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May 18, 2006

"The Postcard vs Salesletter: A Case Study"

Are you ever confused about what to send to your prospects to get the maximum response with the minimum cost?  Do you ever wonder whether you should be sending out a full salesletter or a humble postcard?

If so, you'll find this case study fascinating.

I frequently get questions from business owners asking which direct mail piece they should use in their marketing efforts...postcards or salesletters.


A Postcard or a Salesletter?

As any good consultant would answer, I say "it depends."

It depends on a number of things like...

1. Are you generating leads or going for the sale?

2. Are you selling something everyone is already
   familiar with or do you have to explain your offering?

3. Are you sending the piece to past customers or new
These are just a few of the questions that you need to ask yourself before you can decide which tool is better to use.


My Heart Is Torn In Two!

To be honest, my heart is torn in two. 

I love a good, well-written salesletter, but they are more complex and expensive to send.

I love postcards and have had a LOT of success with them, but they have limitations.

The bottom line is that both methods of communicating with people can be extremely successful, if you use it for the right situation.

Here's a great example of what I mean...


Look at This Salesletter and Postcard I Received In the Mail Just Yesterday...a Stark Difference!

Yesterday, I received two promotions from local HVAC (heating and air conditioning) companies.  One was a postcard and the other, a letter.

The letter I received was from Arvell Moore, a local reputable HVAC business.

It's probably one of the BEST two page salesletters that I've ever received from an HVAC company. 

Heck, I would go so far as to say that it's one of the best two page salesletters I've ever received!

It has everything...

1. A compelling headline and attention-getting photo.

2. A very strong first paragraph. (it gets right to the point)

3. Startling statistics that PROVE the bold promise in the first paragraph.

4. Testimonials that further prove what the letter is promising.


6. A dynamite P.S.

It's got everything a great 2-page salesletter should have.  (In fact, it's so good that I think they must have purchased it from a marketing company.)

Would you like to see this letter?  (This one is for your swipe files!)

Here it is...


(copy and paste the link into your browser)


Now Here's the Postcard I Received

The same day I received the salesletter I also received a postcard from a local HVAC company.

Take a look...


(copy and paste the link into your browser)

The postcard offer was for a tune-up.  It didn't need a lot of explaining but if I had to choose between sending out the letter above and the postcard below, I would definately go with the letter.

Looking that the salesletter and this postcard just goes to prove one thing...


What You Say to Prospects and How You Say It, Is More Important than What You Use to Say It With.

Now with all that said, I don't know what the response was from either of these offers, but I can only imagine that this letter blew away the postcard.

(I could be wrong...I've been wrong once before. :-)

Actually, I have a good friend who is in the HVAC business (he is a competitor to Arvell Moore) and I've toured his operations several times.

He has a direct mail room that he says, "When we turn on that room and start cranking out letters, we automatically start getting business.  It's like a water faucet...you turn it on and it starts flowing."

That's the power of a great salesletter.

Have a great week!


P.S.  Be watching your inbox this next Tuesday morning for the announcement of my "Information Marketing Masters Workshop." 

This one workshop will far surpass any education that is being provided today about starting and growing and information marketing business.

If you're a past customer, be watching your email inbox later today!


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The Instant Referral Systems program has been selling
like wildfire.  To get your copy visit




If so you might be interested in learning more about the Coaches and Consultants Marketing Bootcamp


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January 10, 2006

An Inspirational Email I Received Today from a Young Entrepreneur

Hi David-

I hope you take the time to read this email because if
anything you will get a great testimonial out of this
but most likely get some renewed inspiration from a
young entrepreneur who wants success more than anyone.


I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Adam Gilbert and I graduated from the School
of Management at Binghamton University in New York.

As a freshman, I saw a tremendous opportunity to help
small businesses connect with students so I created

I was charging local businesses a monthly fee to
advertise and they would have specials offers to my
website visitors.

After doing surveys I found that students wouldn't
print coupons which proved to be the demise of my
business because businesses couldn't track their ROI.

Although this was very successful I felt that my idea
for the www.UltimateDiscountCard.com would prove to be
ever more lucrative.

I created the Card that entitled cardholders access to
exclusive specials and discounts from over 60 local
businesses. UDC quickly became a campus phenomenon
earning me amazing positive press.


I was featured on the front page of the Sunday business
section in the local newspaper...

...the BU Alumni Journal, the BU Pipe Dream which is
the school newspaper and even U.S. News & World Report.

I changed the business model from charging businesses
to making it absolutely free for businesses  however, I
charged students  15 for the card.

I wound up selling over 1400 cards and was able to form
a partnership with a major national marketing company
Student Advantage. SA was a public company with
revenues in excess of  40 MM in 2001 with a clientele
of Amtrak, Greyhound, Urban Outfitters, Footlocker and
Armani Exchange. SA created a national discount card
program for college students focusing on national
clients rather than local businesses.


If only I was only born ten years earlier to capitalize
on the internet boom like SA did.

I saw a weakness in there business model by not
focusing on local businesses and not only did I succeed
I partnered with them this year to offer cardholders
SA's discounts in addition to the same great discounts
they enjoyed previously.

It was pretty cool and flattering negotiating the
partnership by dealing with the CEO who has never
partnered with a small local discount card company.

Now I am working for Ernst & Young in New York City and
have a campus manager running my business. I have also
learned no one cares about my business as much as I do.

Although UDC was a big success when I was there it
turns out it was a job not a business. A business can
run itself and not rely on the owner to always be

Due to the laziness of college kids and counting on
managers to run my business I am combining the best
aspects of both Bingcoupons.com and UDC to form one
business with of course some great new features.

I am also going back to charging businesses because
charging consumers is a lot tougher.

Anyway, the part of the email that may interest you is
that I am working for EY now and I just wanted to let
you know whenever I have a free second I am glued to
your website reading as many articles as I can, ideas
and anything else that you have to offer.


It s not normal that when on my lunch break I am glued
to your site because that is what I truly love reading

The reason why my businesses have been so successful is
because helping small businesses succeed is my passion
and what I love to do. It is obviously yours as well. I
can't wait for the day where I can do what I want full
time and build my own business up and not work for EY.

I spend at least 2 hours a day on your website. I am
planning on buying your book because I can't get enough
of the small business marketing ideas and strategies.

With the very spare time I have whenever I am free I am
constantly reading and learning and I always enjoy
reading your articles the most.

I came across your site about 3 weeks ago and it was
the best/worst thing thats happened to me because all I
want to do is absorb everything on your site. It also
makes me dream about the day I can finally do what I
truly love doing best!

I know you had worked at Arthur Anderson so I am sure
while you were there you'd dream of doing your own
thing as well.

I wanted to ask you how you finally made a move. My
biggest fear in life is to get stuck. Although I am
only 22 years old I feel each day I work at EY is a day
I waste not working for myself or doing something I
truly love. I love small business marketing and helping
businesses grow and wish there was an opportunity to do
that full time.

Just wanted to let you know I am a huge fan and would
love to be able to stay in touch with you as a mentor.

I have been extremely fortunate enough to meet and
develop some great relationships with extremely
successful entrepreneurs due to my businesses.

Keep up the great work and one day I hope to join you
in helping small businesses succeed full time!

I can keep going on with my email but I'll spare you,
however, I can assure you that you will never meet a
more passionate person about business than myself!

My warmest regards,

Adam Gilbert
Ultimate Discount Card, Inc
Office:  (516) 456-6248
Email: AGilbert@UltimateDiscountCard.com
Web: www.myUDC.com

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September 21, 2005

I'm Evacuating!

Last week I was in Slidell, Louisiana helping vicitims of Hurricane Katrina and today I'M EVACUATING out of Houston.

Hurricane Rita is coming right toward us.

I didn't go to bed last night at all.  One of my very good friends and I told each other earlier this year that we would help each prepare our homes if we were caught in a Hurricane Warning.  We spent all last night and this morning boarding up each others homes.

We then went over to a mans home who had a wife and three kids who couldn't physically do any kind of labor (he had heart bypass surgery) and boarded up his home.

We called him at 4:00am and told him we were coming over. 

I'll give you an update in a day or two with photos.

Have a great day (I know I will...if I can just get out of town in time :-)


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September 07, 2005

Hurricane Katrina - On the Front Line - Working Parties in Slidell, LA

This weekend I'll be leading a working party from Houston into Slidell, LA. to help hurricane Katrina victims.  We'll most likely be doing some disaster recovery and clean up work in homes that have been affected by the hurricane.

I'll make sure to take a lot photos. By the way, if any able-bodied men here in Houston would like to go with us, just send me an email and I'll send you the details.  We'll be leaving this Friday evening and returning on Sunday evening.

Slidell_1 Photo: Wreckage clogs a canal in Slidell, La., as an unidentified man wades through it, using a piece of debris as a walking stick on Thursday.

Coastal areas of Sidell were demolished by the 15-foot to 20-foot storm surge from Hurricane Katrina. (photo by MEGHAN LYDEN/Missourian)

Only 30 minutes from New Orleans, Slidell, on the northern shore of Lake Pontchartrain, was home to about 25,000 people a week ago.  Today, it is trying to recover after a week of baren silence.

Here are some photos from Slidell taken this past week.

Please help these vicitims in your own special way.


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September 06, 2005

Hurricane Katrina - On the Front Line - Day 3

Tuesday Morning 10:02 am

If this is the first time you've come to this blog, you can scroll down and read the first Hurricane Katrina entry and see more photos.


Ingridsmiling_1 Yesterday, my wife Ingrid, went to volunteer her time down at the Houston Astrodome complex.  She left at 8:00am and worked there for over 16 1/2 hours! 

She got back home around 1:00am the following morning.

She is a trooper, and has more compassion and concern for others in her little finger than I have in my whole body.

Many of the evacuees now coming into Houston are being sent to other various shelters and shelters in other states (i.e. Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Arkansas etc.)

Although at the Houston Astrodome complex, we're still processing incoming evacuees, there is also an effort to transition to finding jobs for people.

Many (most) of the evacuees at the Astrodome complex are senior adults, elderly, moms with children, and people with health problems.  So a lot of them can't work, even if they wanted to.  However, the city of Houston and the Red Cross is doing it's best to find jobs for the men.

My wife told me that she met a man at the dome yesterday who was hoping to start work for the City of Houston today.  He was very hopeful.

Youngevacuee_2Here is a picture of one of the younger volunteers. 

There is actually an age limit to volunteer at the dome. You have be at least 18 years old.

But this young gal is not only a volunteer, but an evacuee.

She thought it was a lot funner to help out, than sit around doing nothing.

She had such a cheery personality and was as cute as could be. 

2youngevacuees_1 Here are two young women who were eager and ready to help out.

They are sisters!

It's great to see the evacuees becoming volunteers. 

I've always believed, the best way to cure depression, anger, or low self-esteem is to go out and help someone else.

When you start helping someone else, your own problems seem to fade away.

This weekend, I'll be leading a work party into Lousiana to help a few Hurrican Katrina victims to salvage their homes and do clean up work.

I'll take a lot of photos and let you know what's happening on the front lines.


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September 04, 2005

Hurrice Katrina - On the Front Line - Day 2

If you've just started to read this post, please go down to the post below and read Day 1 (Sept. 3)

                                      Sunday Morning 3:16 am - Day 2

Good morning.

It's very early on Sunday morning here in Houston.  I came home last night so exhausted that I went right to bed.  That was aound 8:00pm.  Hence, that's why I'm up so early.

The refugess (evacuees) from New Orleans keep pouring in.  Thousands at a time.  Yesterday, the city of Houston just opened the George R. Brown Convention Center to house several thousand more people from New Orleans.

Today I went back to the Astrodome to help out.  The relief effort, on a local level, continues to get more organized.  It was heartening to see the supplies coming in, but the relief organizations are still in DIRE NEED of funds and supplies.

I can tell you that this ordeal will be a long term effort.  I fear that people will give today and forget tomorrow.  Please keep in mind that we'll need your help over the long haul.

Here are some more photos from the front lines...



It just amazing when you walk into the Astrodome and see the thousands of people trying to survive.  At first glance, it takes your breath away.


This is the bulletin board for the "lost persons area."  Scores of people are trying to find their love ones who are missing.  There are so many small "missing person" notes that you can't even read most of the them.


This is a picture of some of the missing person notices close up.  It breaks your heart when you see notes like the white one down on the lower right that say, "Call Daddy."  You just know that there are parents out there that are grief stricken and are in pain.


The missing persons station also has people with laptop computers who search through a central database of evacuees to find people.  Evacuees have been taken to many different places.  Many of them went to Dallas, San Antonio, and many different places in the city of Houston.


This is a better look at the computer station for the lost and missing persons area.  There was a huge line of people waiting to talk to these young people on computers to find their loved ones.


And there are people who are roaming the floor of the Astrodome with huge signs of the names of their loved ones in hope that someone will know who they are or something about them...or perhaps, even find them in the dome.


The media is out in full force.  There were crews doing interviews all over the floor of the dome.  Here is one lady who had a LOT to say about everything.  While I was there she was dropping the "F" bomb while talking about President Bush.  Ouch!  There will be a lot of "bleeps" in that interview  :-)


I really felt for the people who were forced to sleep in the stadium seeting because there weren't enough cots for them on the floor.  I just wanted to take them all home with me.


The SPCA was there too!  SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  They had sanitized stations for pets, although I did not see any there.


Luckily Spiderman showed up.  The kids flocked to him.  He was a great distraction.  He wasn't allowed to give out candy, so instead, he just gave out a LOT of big hugs to kids who really needed it.


Here's a beautiful relief worker who was taking food and drinks to the elderly and those who we're physically able to stand in line.


All these young men were volunteers.  They were all around the arena helping out.  I can't remember what organization they were from.  I was exhausted at the end of the day...and one of them brought me a plate of food (I hadn't eaten all day).  In the evening, they all got together and started singing.  It was beautiful to hear.  It brought tears to my eyes.


This pic is kinda funny.  The media came up and started filming and all of a sudden this lady jumps up in front of the choral group and starts singing.  It was weird.  You could tell she was "not all there."  She was making up words and kind of shouting them out.  As I walked away, one evacuee said to me, "That's what losing everything will do to you."  It wasn't so funny anymore.


Here's a photo of some young boys who were all cousins.  It was great to see them together.  This is an event that they will never forget. 


It broke my heart when I saw the little babies.  Evacuees are in big need of baby items (i.e. diapers, formula, clothing, toys, etc.)  These ladies had three babies in their arms and many others around them.


To all of you who have donated to help these people.  THANK YOU! 

Again, this will be a long-term effort.  It will require a lot of sustained giving over a period of time to get these people assimilated back into society.  Most will never be able to go back to their homes in New Orleans.

More photos to come.


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September 03, 2005

Huuricane Katrina - On the Front Line

Good morning.

Right now it's 5:30 am here in Houston and I'm just about to go back to the Astrodome to begin my volunteer shift to help the Katrina evacuees.

Yesterday, I worked with the evacuees and was able to get some photos for you.

First, I've gotta tell you that I've never seen anything like this.  When I stepped into the Astrodome, it was surreal.  It's hard to explain.  There are thousands of human bodies in every corner of the building trying to survive.

They are destitute, depressed, hungry, thirsty, bewildered and all the other emotions that one might feel after they have lost everything...even loved ones.  But they are thankful to be alive.

So here are a few photos I took yesterday to give you a feel of a small part of the relief effort.



Stepping into the Astrodome with all the evacuees there were a surreal experience.  I was overwhelmed by the immensity of people and the state they were in.  Basically, as a volunteer, you simply checked yourself in and went to work where ever you think people needed help.


Here is a mother with he little newborn baby girl.  As you can tell, both were very tired.  Mom was heartbroken...but she was grateful to have a cot to sleep in.


This is a photo of the sleeping area in the Reliant Arena (used to be the Astro Arena).  As you can see, people are packed in pretty tight. 


My job was to keep cold water and beverages coming outside to the people who were waiting to be checked into the Astrodome and Arena.  It was a back breaking job (and I had back surgery about 4 years ago).  But it was so worth it.  People of all ages were extremely thirsty.  Some were even passing out from exhaustion and hunger.  No kidding.  I help one lady into an ambulance that was near death.  She just couldn't take the heat.


The Arena had plenty of food for everyone.  Don't believe all the media who say that the relief effort is unorganized.  It might be at a macro level, but inside the shelters at the Astrodome and the Arena, people knew what to do, when to do it, and all the victims were being helped in every way possible.


Media and press from around the world were camped out at the Arena.  As you can see, journalists from Australia, England, Brazil, and other countries are all here.


This is a photo of Cris Wagner.  Cris works for me as the manager of one of my businesses.  He is not only a super sharp guy, but he has the biggest heart in the world, and the best person I've ever worked with.  We worked hard today...shoulder to shoulder.


The police were out in full force to keep peace. There were no riots, fighting, shouting or anything of the kind.  The police really kept a close vigilance on law and order during all the chaos.


This is the line for clothing.  It was a huge line, but by the end of the day, everyone had what they needed.  There have been a huge amount of clothing donations to help the victims.  Imagine staying in clothing that you had waded through nasty water in for over 5 days!!  These people were able to choose clothing for them and their families.  THANK YOU to all of you who donated clothing!


Here's a bunch of relief workers folding and sorting clothing to make it easier for victims to pick what they needed.


Here are many of the victims looking for and finding the clothing they so desperately need.


Here's two little cutie sisters hamming it up for the camera.  They are beautiful girls, aren't they.


Here's a lot of the assorted food products donated to the cause.  Relief workers went through all the food and sorted it into different food groups, which will be dispersed in the coming days.


Here's a photo of Cris, my manager and "THE BOSS."  I can't say enough about this relief worker.  He was in charge of beverages.  He has more leadership in one finger than most people do in their whole bodies.  He runs a very tight ship.  He really cared about what type of drinks we served, how cold they were, how they were displayed etc.  And he had a system that he created on the fly, that made everything work right.  THE BOSS is the man!


Even the most able and strongest of the victims were completely exhausted.  Many of these people were sitting on their house top just the day before, trying to be rescued.


This is where many of the victims have to "do their thing."


Here I am taking drinking water outside to those who need it.  Notice that I'm drenched in perspiration.  Imagine how the people felt outside who had been standing out there for hours on end trying to get processed into the Arean and the Dome.


Even the elderly and those who needed assistance were being taken care of.


Here is the station for helping children.  They had baby food, similac, first aid kits and all kinds of things specifically to help children.


Here's another shot of the sleeping area.  Notice the sign on the wall, "Females."  That guy doesn't look like a female.  Really, people just had to find their own sleeping area.  Space and cots were prized possessions and so people simply took what they could find.


Here is an eating area. Like I mentioned, there was plenty of food to go around.


This relief effort will be going on for a LONG TIME.  Perhaps months.  The rebuilding effort will take years.  Most of these people will never return to their homeland.  They'll be assimilated into the city of Houston and get jobs and hopefully, rebuild a new life.  Keep them in your prayers.

If you live in Houston, there is always a need for volunteers.  :-)

(More photos to come!)

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August 30, 2005

My Weekend In San Diego...

DavidbuzzThis weekend I attended a marketing seminar in San Diego.  I rarely go to seminars...I usually just buy the recording of the seminar after it's done.  It saves me a lot of time.

But this time I was asked to speak, and as a favor to the promoter, I did.  Plus, I thought it was time to meet a few new people.

As some might have guessed...my 2 hour presentation was on "The Power of Controversy Marketing."  Being as it was a "Buzz Marketing Seminar," it was a timely topic.


Buzz Marketing seems to be a popular topic now days.  Morgan knows a bit about Buzz Marketing.  His www.TheInterviewWithGod.com site has received millions of visitors without spending a penny on advertising.

Perhaps the most interesting presentation was given by Marlon Sanders.  If any of you know Marlon personally, you know that he is simply brilliant.  His presentation was all about "Seeding" and why it is the key to speading a word-of-mouth virus.

Marlon I think a few people didn't really "get it" because of Marlon's presentation style.  If any of you have seen Marlon speak...he gets pretty darn wacky.  Sometimes it drowns out his message. But I was fascinated with his step-by-step process for "seeding" influential people to spread your message.

For those people who really listened to his message, it was brilliant.  I will be using Marlon's "Seeding" method to launch my www.MarriageAdvice.com website.

Marlon didn't want me to show the photo at the left.  He had just eaten some raw fish and was feeling it (if you know what I mean :-)

Just kidding...it's just a photo of Marlon, hamming it up for the camera.

Here's a few more people that I met this weekend...

Mike_koenigs_head_shot_1The guy in the photo on the right is Mike Koenigs.  Mike is a marketing and multimedia genius.  His site is http://www.mikekoenigs.com/  He's done marketing work in various forms for many major companies.

If you go to http://www.everythingyoushouldknow.com/ you can see some of this work.  He designed and built that site.

He will be launching a service pretty soon that has to do with creating online infomercials.  It's going to be quite revolutionary.  I'm very interested myself to see what it is.

On top of all his talents...he's a super nice guy and I really enjoyed hanging out with him.

Mikestewart Now a lot of your internet marketing guys know Mike Stewart.  I had the opportunity to hang out with Mike for quite some time. 

In fact, I'm about to invest a heavy chunk of change with Mike.  He sells a very high end video production suite, with which I was totally blown away.  It is the ULTIMATE infoproduct creation tool. 

It combines multiple video inputs, with a powerpoint video input, and any type of television or other video inputs to create a really impressive presentation.

And Mike is honest as they come.

I also Seanroachmet a fellow named Sean Roach. 

Sean is a unique guy.  He did more in marketing by the age of 27 than most marketing executives do in a lifetime. 

What was unique about Sean was that he could talk up a storm.  Some of it you could swear was a bunch of BS until you watched him give a presentation.  He was amazing.

This guy has "got game" for sure.

I'm glad I met him.  In fact, he just agreed to a movie and book deal based on his life when he was a teenager (so you can imagine it was interesting.)

Morgan And then there was Morgan Westerman...the promoter of the event.  Morgan is a kindred soul.  We are both of the same faith.

Morgan put on an AWESOME event. 

He fed us nearly every meal with some of the best food and then there was the local cruise on a yacht in the San Diego harbor that took us to a wonderful restaurant that sat right on the water.

All I can say is that he must of lost a bunch of money on the event because he rolled out all the bells and whistles.  Thank you Morgan!

MaryfoleyMary Foley was at the seminar.  She sure was a joy to meet and get to know.  She has a great message for all women.  Her site is http://www.gobodacious.com 

Take a moment and visit Mary's site.

She's got some great articles on her site and if you're a gal who's in need of some reprogramming then you should consider joining the Bodacious Women's Club.

Lastly, I met Stephen Pierce. 

What a brilliant dude.

But the most interesting thing about Stephen, as I watched him, is that he is also a quiet humble guy as well.  He knows when to turn it on and off. 

Pierce_interview_medium When he's on...he's a locomotive.

When he's off...he's quite and unassuming.

I had the privelege of interviewing Stephen during my presentation.  I asked him private questions about his book, "Under Oath" and some of the "behind the scenes" things that were going on when he wrote and rolled out that book.

If any of you invest in the Buzz Marketing Conference program (when it's released) I think you'll enjoy my presentation and the interview I did with Stephen.

That's all for today.

Please keep the victims of Hurricane Katrina in your prayers.  And if you can do anything to help them, please consider doing something.  Hundreds have lost their lives and thousands are left homeless!

David Frey

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August 22, 2005

Our Wonderful United States Postal System

Front Ya gotta love our postal system here in the United States.  A customer of mine sent me these photos of a package that I had send to him.

Not only was the package completely ripped apart and stepped on, the stuff inside was gone!

So I took these photos into the USPS to show them what had happened and guess what was the first thing they said to me....

"Sir, did you buy insurance on the package?"


Why the crap should I pay insurance on something that I'm already paying them to do?!

The USPS is amazing sometimes.

When I go into their office with a bunch of pacakges I always hear a long moooaaann.

You would think they would be happy to see me and all the business I bring them.  But no, they just see all the work they gotta do (It's a result of having a stale, dumbed down government job.)

Not all the postal workers are like that though. There are a couple in my local USPS office that are great.  They make it worthwhile.

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